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*Nicely* done :)

A letter published in The Economist dated 18/2/06


George Bush can relax: his ambition to be a "transformational" president has already been realised. When the president took office, the United States was prosperous, at peace, and widely respected. He has accomplished much in five years.

David Palmer
Leverett, Massachesetts.
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It looms ....

Those of you planning on coming to the March meet (and those who only just realised it existed) please email? I just noticed that I have some people still ticked for February ......
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Be nice to your local chav?

Interesting snippet I noticed in Science of Discworld. If we are in fact due for another Ice Age, it may be staved off by global warming, which is of course the result of humans’ general bad behaviour and lack of respect for the planet.

See, even the totally selfish and moronic have a Purpose : )
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Two things I'm thankful for ....

One, that I don’t need a psychotherapist (shut up at the back, there).

Two, that if I did, I wouldn’t have to resort to someone whose own personal information is easily traceable on the Net AND thinks it’s quite acceptable to put derogatory and frankly infantile comments about their clients on a PUBLIC forum.

Hey, “client confidentiality” means you anonymise *everything*, including yourself if necessary. Your client has a right *not* to see himself publicly sniggered about, especially when those reading quite possibly know who *you* are … and can figure out who *he* is.

WTF happened to professional ethics?
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Rescheduled ...

Second weekend in March, now. Usual (lack of) accommodation, usual Disclaimer, those not present will be phoned/IM'd and gloated at. Musical instruments (including voice) and sharp pointy things welcome; muppet-friendly but at-your-own-risk for any under three foot tall. Bring your own chocolate, ditto anything aniseed-flavoured. I do draw the line *somewhere* :)